The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Spa in Liverpool is very conveniently located in the city centre. A friend and I had booked here for a two night city break on Eurovision weekend in a Superior King Room.

Since it was such a busy weekend, prices were sky high at £626 for two nights. The same room in two weeks time is less than half that at £150 per night, so that gives you an idea of the normal price range.

Arrival and Check-In

My flight arrived in Liverpool and the 500 bus is £2 and half an hour to the city centre bus station. From there it is less than a 10 minute walk along the flat city centre mall, where all the shops are, to the hotel which is nice and easy.

The very friendly lady at the desk checked me in and gave me my cookie. She also took the time to discuss this and that, such as why I was there and so on, then I was given directions to the lifts. I have to say I had a very favourable impression from that interaction, which was great!

Deluxe Room at the DoubleTree Liverpool

When booking we had no choice of room, which we were fine with as we just wanted something in the city centre that wasn’t a dive. After going up the lift and through the various higgledy-piggledy passages (that were daunting at first, but quickly got used to) I arrived at our room.

The room had everything you would expect from a major chain hotel. Happily the bed turned out to be exceedingly comfortable and very good for a sleep. On arrival the room was quite stuffy, but once the air conditioning was turned on, it was very fresh and pleasant inside.

What Is Up The Stairs?

Arriving into a room and finding a mystery staircase is a bit fun. Of course, I had an idea of what was up there, but it was fun to wonder exactly how things would appear. If you haven’t guessed, it’s the bathroom!

Perhaps the only bad thing I can say about the bathroom is that my friend was wondering how to turn on the heated towel rack. Who knows! There was also no toilet brush, a small detail but even so. Regardless of that, it was lovely with thick fluffy towels.

Welcome, Welcome!

Besides the welcome cookie that is a feature of the DoubleTree hotels, we also received a little letter from housekeeping. This was found on the bed when I arrived.

Since my friend was getting to the hotel separately (and from Miami, much further than I had to travel) I was given a voucher for his cookie to claim later. He certainly appreciated that!

Eforia Spa

I had more than two hours to kill before my friend arrived, which worked out rather well for me. At check-in, I had mentioned the spa and the lady at the desk said she thought they had a special on today. It turns out all the treatments were at the mid-week price of £79 instead of £99. I’ll take that, so I booked a full body 50 minute massage.

The massage was lovely and afterwards you are permitted to use all the spa facilities for an hour. Swimming in the pool, hitting the sauna, steam room and thermal pool were as relaxing as you’d expect. Those not wanting to get a treatment could also purchase an hour in the pool and so on for £25. For what it’s worth an hour is plenty of time, I actually finished up earlier than that.

Overall Thoughts

We had a lovely time in Liverpool and it was wonderful to come back to a nice room after each night’s Eurovision festivities. All of the staff in this hotel were very welcoming, from the check-in and check-out people to the chatty bar staff to the spa people, we were treated as treasured guests. It sounds like such a simple thing to get right, but I’ve been to many hotels where the staff feel like they’re phoning it in and don’t really care. Not the case here!

I would really recommend the location, hotel and the spa. It would make for a wonderful city break for anyone and it’s especially easy to get to Liverpool from within the UK or even from Ireland. My only real regret is that we did not eat in the hotel, so I have no idea what the food is like, or the enticing things on the signage like the Cigar Lounge.

Have you been to Liverpool or stayed at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel and Spa before? What was it like? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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